margaritarThese are young white and red wines, which are matured in oak barrels not less than three months. The wines of this kind in Moldova are made only by the QWIC “Milestii Mici”.

The ordinary wines are amazingly fresh and vigorous drinks. White wines will be given cooled (+12…+14ºC), the red wines – at the room temperature (+18…+20ºC).

MARGARITAR (Pearl)– desert demi-doux wines (produced from blending wines from Muscat and Aligote groups and other kinds of grapes), of a goldish color and light nutmeg aroma, the flavor is full, fresh and pleasantly sweetish. Due to the fact that it is a young wine, it has a very fresh and intense taste. A wine representing excellent combination with cream deserts, cakes and cream soufflé.